Toronto Raptors vs New York Knicks Full Game Highlights | 11.10.2018, NBA Season

Raptors vs Knicks Full Game Highlights | 11.10.2018

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  1. Knicks actually did pretty well, shame they have so many Injured, and the Raptors just have them out classed– Raptors, unlike many NBA teams right now, aren't just about scoring– good defense, good teamwork, Knicks did well covering Kawhi and Lowry, and they're both so good, just changed it up– "OK gonna smooth pass it", Let Siakam, Ibaka, and everyone else get the points going

  2. start trey pg dot sf money mitch pf hardway sg an kant as center that the starting 5 right there that can win games you got mitch and kant in the paint and for def hardway an dotson for 3 an let trey run the scoring and play how he want like last year ,fiz you’re got too go you hey ? somebody call donald trump because fiz need to get ? fired frr ya should sign mark jackson

  3. i so happy ron baker is out but fiz how you going bench trey burke for mud he is trash plus frank is not no pg start trey and kant money mitch hardway dotson that should be starting 5 fiz you blind it time to go…,

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