Toronto Raptors vs Portland Trail Blazers Full Game Highlights | 12.14.2018, NBA Season

Raptors vs Blazers Full Game Highlights | 12.14.2018

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  1. I was thinking while watching this around the halfway point when they showed Chief's first or second three "Man, Aminu, sometimes you have terrible 0 for 4 three point shooting nights (like the game I saw live in PDX against Clippers few weeks ago), but you make a lot of clutch 3s, so you got the green light from me, keep shooting threes." and then BOOM clutch three at the end! lol. Aminu man. What a great signing. Neil Olshey has done a really good job with these cheap (or realitively cheap in Aminu's case) signings and extending Nurk who is our #3 valuable player and then drafting Zack (possibly our future, like, he is our future), but he does need to trade CJ I feel. CJ is a ball hog and misses more big shots than he makes. RIPCITY BABY

  2. The reason the Raptors lost was because of turnovers and offensive rebounds. They shot at a higher percentage(55.8%) from the field and from 3 point zone(58.1%). But they had 16 turnovers and 5 offensive rebounds as against Portlands 8 turnovers and 12 offensive rebounds. This led to more shots for Portland.

  3. Poor decision/play in crunch time by both (Van Vleet & Ibaka) might of cost Raptors the game. Good learning curve for Van Vleet. I'm not sold on the narrative that it's 'Lowry's Team' and the Raptors are better without Kawhi. Lowry needs to prove himself in the playoffs. It does not matter how many games Lowry wins without Kawhi in the regular season. 'Milk' and 'Water' will only be separated in the playoffs!!!

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