Utah Jazz vs Sacramento Kings Full Game Highlights | 11.25.2018, NBA Season

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  1. The kings don't give the ball to the right players enough if you have good shooters let them shoot, alot if shotters be open alot, stop with the one on one buddy needs more shots.

  2. I'm wondering when the league and fans of the game are going to give Rubio his due… I could remember when he was on Minnesota he was tentative with the jumpshots. Now, his points scored helped make the difference in the the win. Stepping up in the absence of Mitchell, that was big veteran play from the point guard and the team followed suit to outlast the Kings, who likely were a little gassed from giving their all versus Golden State.

  3. Sacramento color commentators are without a doubt the fucking worst in the NBA. . . I would kick them in the face if I ever met them! Learn about basketball, before commenting about it, retarded fuck!

  4. The NBA scheduling sucks, they make teams play these unnecessary back to back's while having three to four days until their next game after the back to back's. That's ridiculous, they need to cut out these unnecessary back to back games. They can improve the league just by stopping the back to back's.The players obviously don't like them and it will give the fans better more competitive games.

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