Warriors will make a statement to the Nuggets before 2019 NBA playoffs – Stephen A. | First Take

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With the top seed of the Western Conference up for grabs, Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman preview 2019 NBA playoff implications for the Denver Nuggets’ visit to Oracle Arena vs. the Golden State Warriors.

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  1. They beat the Nuggets by double digits with KD being ejected for basically 2 quarters and the bench in for almost the entire fourth. They were up by almost 30 when the starters sat down. Lol. Don’t know what Max is talking about. Not a fan of either teams, but it’s obvious by watching them play that Warriors are Denver’s kryptonite

  2. Why the fuck is Molly there?! Serious question. Will Cain completely shut her ass up on air before, Max constantly looks irritated af when she speaks, SAS always treats her annoying ass like a child…Why is she necessary on air?!

  3. Damn Stephen A. He might be to 21st century Nostradamus. By 30 points it was. Obviously the score doesn't show but, it was 30!!.

  4. GS actually won by 14 but they were legit up by 30 at one point. The Nuggets made up for the deficit in garbage time. Still a blowout tho

  5. People talking like a blow out in regular season matters 😂😂 clearly these are all warriors fans ( bandwagon fans ) think it matters

  6. Max I hope that you saying this bull for a lot of dolla dolla bills, otherwise I lose some respect.

    Y’all need to w4tch
    (numbers aren’t part of the namebc it’s a b4nn3d w0rd, they’ve been c0pystr1k1ng him because he exp0ses their f4lse n4rrat1ves.
    So much better than this netw0rk.
    I r3ccomend y0u guys join the wave!

  7. Dang Steven . Warriors were up by 30 when they decided to sit Curry and the rest of the rest of the starters, and that was without KD playing most of the second 1/2. Nice guess!

  8. Everybody should just pray for the Rockets to get to the WCF because they're the only team in the West (maybe even the NBA) that can even take the playoff Warriors to 6 games. Gotta give credit to the Nuggets for the year they've had but if they see Dubs in the playoffs, it's gonna be 4-0 with every game pretty much over by halftime.

  9. Molly sucks. Get her off the show. Ain’t a bitch alive hot enough to talk this much without restraint. Sheesh.

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