Was Warriors vs. Raptors the Game of the Year? | Inside the NBA

Warriors vs. Raptors was all we wanted and more. Will we see these teams again in June?

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  1. Replacing Derozan with Leonard was huge for the Raptors. Demar just isn't as efficient as Kawhi, and Kawhi also happens to be one of the league's elite defenders. I think a team can't win the championship with Demar as their best player, because he's a volume shooter who isn't efficient enough. Look at the Spurs this year: not even .500.

  2. I watch these games and just don't see Klay as being a #1 guy if he leaves the Warriors. He lacks that killer instinct players like Curry/Durant and Leonard have.

  3. 90s, especially late 90s basketball players were huge. In that era, especially in the playoffs, most light touch fouls were ignored (except those against Jordan late in his career) and hard fouls were not generally called flagrant unless there was clear malicious intent and sometimes not even then. Those of you from the younger generation who catch a game where you see a lot of touch fouls called need to keep in mind that there were refs that loved their whistles even back then, but generally most refs swallowed theirs, except for a few star players who got too many calls. KD wouldn't be as great back then, but today, with a less physical game and most refs calling a lot more fouls, he doesn't need any bulk, he functions perfectly as he is. Kareem had a similar body type- I think even he was a bit more bulky, but in the same ballpark, and played well into his forties.

  4. I am going to put money on Kuwai staying in Toronto. I'll give money to Durant to eat a cheeseburger. That's what I am saying, if this was 90s basketball – he'd have to shoot from mid range and threes. He'd get destroyed in the paint by guys like Lambeer, Ewing, Mutumbo, Hakeem,. But I get it, Durant is slick and quick. Back at a certain point you had to be a beast to play Centre.

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