What NBA Playoff Matchups Do You Wanna See ? | Hoops N Brews

What NBA Playoff Matchups Do You Wanna See ? | Hoops N Brews
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Hoops N Brews is a daily NBA and basketball debate show starring Pavy and TPJ. Yelling, screaming, hot takes, you name it! Pavy & TPJ give their unfiltered, raw, LOUD, passionate and crazy opinions on the biggest NBA topics of the day.


  1. I had to stop watching after that dumb Chris Paul comment from TPJ. The dude in the middle actually knows basketball. Markell Fultz looks average. Ben Simmons is the play maker. Fultz over D Mitchell? Fultz over Fox? Fultz over Lonzo ?

  2. Fultz showing us why he is number 1????? WHAT is this a troll he hasn’t even scored 11 points cant shoot 3’s shooting 0%

    Gsw only chance of going through first round without curry is against okc cos okc just like gsw choke

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